We are very much experienced in networking system.In this field we offers IIOT System, Remote Monitoring System, Cloud based report Package Development System, Data acquisition System, Auto emailing to predict defects in machinery, before they occur, enabling companies to take action to address those issues before a part fails or a machine goes down.

We use EWON , SIEMENS and DELTA for this purpose.



Ewon Industrial Routers for Easy and Secure Connectivity provides the benefits of on-demand remote access, collect and aggregate industrial operations data locally or centrally in the cloud. The router which we are successfully using are as follows :

EWON Flexy

SCALANCE M industrial routers enable the connection of remote machines and plants to public or private remote networks. Communication takes place wirelessly using GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), or LTE (4G) or wired via ADSL and SHDSL or PROFIBUS / MPI. We use Siemens make SCALANCE M812/ M816 ADSL router.

3G Routers DIA Cloud is the cloud platform developed by Delta that supports all DX Series cloud routers. It helps achieve remote monitoring and control through the Internet without the requirement for a static IP or setting up a private VPN server. We use DELTA make

DX-2100 Series

DX-2300 Series